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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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Then who are these like ?
Nee ferrea ywra,
Insanumgue forum, aut populi tabularia vidit. Sollicitant alii remis freta caeca, ruuntgue In ferrum, penetrant aulas et limina regum. Hie petit excidiis urbem miserosque Penates, Ut gemma bibat, et Sarrano indormiat ostro.
Don't they seem to be Juvenal's?—There are some more, which to me resemble Horace ; but perhaps I think so from his having some on a parallel subject. Tell me if I am mistaken; these are they :
Interea dulces pendent circum oscula nati: Casta pudicitiam servat domus------
inclusively to the end of these :
Hanc olim veteres vitam coluere Sdbini;
Hanc Remus et frater: sic fortis Etruria crevit,
Scilicet et rentm facia est pulcherrima Eoma.
If the imagination is whimsical, why, at least 'tis like me to have imagined it. Adieu, child! We leave Bologna to-morrow. You know 'tis the third city in Italy for pictures: knowing that, you know all. "We shall be three days crossing the Apennine to Florence : would it were over!
My dear West, I am yours from St. Peter's to St. Paul's !
DEAB WEST,                                      Florence, Jan. 24, 1740. N.S.
I don't know what volumes I may send you from Borne; from Florence I have little inclination to send you any. I see several things that please me calmly, but a force d'en avoir vu I have left off screaming Lord! this, and Lord! that. To speak sincerely, Calais surprised me more than anything I have seen since. I recollect the joy I used to